A beautiful image can touch the heart and spirit of a potential adopter in ways that a text biography cannot.   Weenie Dog Photography is proud to partner with local rescue groups for adoptable dog photographs a not cost.  It's a tiny way we can give back to the animal crisis and those helping create change and find homes for the homeless pets.


You can view our work in our Galleries.



We have provided photo services to American Pit Bull Foundation, Richmond County Animal Advocates, Humane Society of Richmond County, Boston Terrier Rescue of NC, and others.   We invite others rescues to participate.  Send Email for Details



Every pet deserves a photo session of his own to be remembered by those who loved him or her.  Even those, maybe especially those, who have been in shelters, rescue or sanctuary programs and didn't make it to a forever home of their own.  We're happy to take them as part of our foster dog and rescue dog program.   We will be happy to offer a Remember Me Photo shoot with a professionally edited image to any dog local rescue groups are putting into Sanctuary programs or when end of life decisions must be made.

Call us for details.  There is no cost for a sitting fee and 3-5 digital images for use with your rescue group for adoption materials or memorial pages.  


Throughout the year, we also cheerfully donate photo sessions and/or gift certificates to charities for their fundraiser events.   Please contact us with details on your event to make a request.    This year we donated a package to Coalition to Unchain Dogs.


Rescue groups must be a valid 501c3.