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Photography Classes by Poppy Blue Images & Dana Brigman

I am very excited to introduce Photography Classes in a comfortable and supportive setting. 

When I got my new camera, I was so excited!  I took a million pictures and posted them to friends and family like they were awesome.  And they were better (most of the time) than my point an shoot camera, but there were soo many buttons and settings.  I was overwhelmed.   I took a lot of really bad pictures.  Thank goodness they were digital and didn't require wasting film and developing! 

I took classes, read books, and practiced.   Sometimes, I still struggled.  But you don't have too!


Photography Classes
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Each Class is $50.   Classes are approximately 2 hours each.  Complete 5 classes and receive a voucher for a free future class. 

Introduction to DSLR -- Book Now

This foundational, entry-level class is structured to help you get started on your journey to manual mode.  Yes, one day you will have to get out of automatic mode.

We will share the basics of exposure (Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO), Focus Points, Camera Modes, Composition and when to use your flash.  This class will include some hands-on exercises to help you understand these concepts and see what happens to your images when these settings change. 

We'll also spend some time on basic Q&A.

Composition -- Book Now

Now that you know how to get started with the fundamental settings of your camera, you need to compose an image that is appealing. 

This class discusses angles, perspectives, where the subject goes in the frame, best time of day to shoot, etc.   We'll look at specific images to see where the eye is drawn and how subject placement, negative space, or other elements can create a more interesting shot. 

Editing -- Book Now

Now that you have an image in the camera, what do you do with.   Editing can be the next big thing that overwhelms you.  

We'll talk about the basics of cropping, digital file formats, compression and preparing your images for print or posting on social medial.   We will have a basic Q&A about editing software though this isn't a class on the software itself.  

Action & Sports Photography

Your kids and dogs are seldom sitting still.  And certainly the most interesting photos can be those with action to them. 

In this class, we will discuss the challenges photographers face in getting the action shot.   Lighting is a big factor for indoor and outdoor photos when speed of the subject is involved.   We'll discuss how to take advantage of your cameras features to maximize your results.

Introduction to Flash

Lighting is everything.  And it's often a huge challenge.

We will explore the built-in flash.  But we'll primarily cover the advantages of having an upgraded flash unit and how lighting will make your photographs look even better.   Did you know using a flash outside can have a big advantage?   We'll show you.




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Field Trips to Shoot and Practice -- Free!

Critique and Feedback -- bring your own photos to discuss

Outdoor Portraits

Lightroom 101

Photoshop 101

Night, Moon & Fireworks Photography

Holiday Photos

Full Day Boot Camp